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I Hear The Fire

In development with director Shelley Knowles-Dixon

Produced by Sparkle and Dark Theatre Company

Jerome's class mate is dead.  He didn't know her, except he sat next to her in art class.  And yet everything he does now seems to come back to her.  

I Hear the Fire tells the story of 15-year-old Jerome as he struggles through the emotional turmoil of adolescence, in a world that won’t listen and doesn’t want to hear him cry. We meet Jerome and his friends through snippets of his memory, flights of his imagination and moments of his sensory experience. This is Jerome from his perspective.

This is an experimental piece that aims to explore how to represent stream-of-consciousness on stage.  Memories, the senses, dialogue, colours, sights and sounds - everything that makes up the moment-to-moment running of our conscious minds...


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Copyright - Sparkle and Dark -  Photos by Robert Piwko

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