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Produced by Half a String

I have been brought in as writer for this incredible hybrid production currently in the R&D stages. BREATHE will be an immersive sensory experience where the microscopic world of the forest floor is brought to life, filmed and projected live in front of the audience on stage. 


Using multiple cameras, the piece unfolds with a weird and wonderful array of puppets, as the cast of puppeteers dart between puppet and camera, all performed to an original Drum and Bass soundtrack mixed by Suitman Jungle, 

Half a String are bringing you their brand of stunning intricate puppetry and atmospheric live music. With driving vocals from singer/songwriter Avi Simmons and earthy D&B from Suitman Jungle; this unique musical collaboration accompanies our protagonist, a young oak seedling, as they journey through uncharted terrain.

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R&D Photos - Copyright - Half a Strong -  Photos by Peter Morton

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