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Shorts with Tate Creations

Tate Creations, run by Dylan Tate, produces bespoke two-hander shorts for show reels.  


As the company's in-house writer, I combine preferences of genre and character types to create shorts of up to 5 mins long.  Genres have so far ranged from mocumentry to period dramas and require quick turn-arounds with fast rewrites.

For more information go here:

Some projects include;

Blending In

Comedy. What happens when you need to despose of a dead body and the girl you've fancied for ages is the only one who can help? You kiss her of course. And ruin EVERYTHING.

Screenshot (7).png
The Easiest Thing

Drama. A distraught brother decides to take revenge on the man he thinks killed his sister.  But, revenge has its price.

Pommes de terre.jpg
Deux Pommes des Terre

Sureal comedy.  A couple visit a relationship counselor and share two very different versions of their relationship so far.

Treasure Hunt

Mocumentary.  An office team building exercise reveals why its never okay for the boss to flirt outrageously with the intern...

Screenshot (6).png
Vegan Cocktails

Comedy. What do you do when your date doesn't live up to the dream man you concocted from their app profile? You make an awkward tit of yourself of course. 

Heads Up

Black comedy. A game of heads up becomes a painful emotional battle ground.

Keeping Low

Police drama.  A rookie must learn her place as she begins to discover the complex inner workings of her new department.

Irish kiss_edited.jpg
Hiding Lions

Drama.  Waking up on the beach with a lion down his trousers and a mysterious woman next to him sounds like the aftermath of a great night out. Right?

My Mime and Me.jpg
Me and My Mime

Comedy.  Do you own a mime? Taking care of your prize-winning mime is sometimes not the glamorous life one might expect.

cat and cat_edited_edited.jpg
Cat and cat

Police drama. There's something to be said for keeping your enemies close.  There's something else to be said for when it's too close.

Screenshot (8).png
Found You

Horror.  He'll take care of you. He only wants what is best for you. And he'll make sure he's always with you. Forever.

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