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Super Speedy Star Baby!

Commissioned by and in association with The Little Angel Theatre
Produced by Tate Creations

Currently playing on Little Angel Theatre's YouTube Channel!


I am writing and directing this ten minute Digital Puppetry short for Little Angel Theatre's season of short films, combining puppetry and stop-motion animation.

Join Star Baby on a bizarre and bonkers musical journey through space!


Featuring new music by Manchester’s ‘whimsical electronica’ DJ Haxton, edited and filmed by Tate Creations, Audio Description voiced by Emma Maclennan

Star Baby is a newborn baby star sent hurtling uncontrollably across space, becoming a beautiful bright comet along the way. At first, Star Baby is scared to be alone in this strange vast place, full of colour and wonder. But soon, the little comet is befriended by a family of aliens in a Space-Boot, a Melancholy Moon who has spun away from their home planet, a large noisy Space Snail who loves to dance and a tiny planet called Mr Bear who has just been told he’s ‘Too Small To Be Called a Planet’. These new friends speed through space, past strange colourful wonders, until finally, they come to stop in a space of their own. A new home, where they can dance their strange and wild dance together. And so, the party begins!

Click here for the Audio Described version.


Created by Louisa Ashton

Filmed and edited by Dylan Tate, Tate Creations

Music and sound recording by Stuart Haxton

Script and puppets made by Louisa Ashton

Puppetry and stop-motion animation by Louisa Ashton and Dylan Tate

Voiced by Stuart Haxton and Louisa Ashton

Audio Description by Emma MacLennan

Made in association with Arts Council England

Special thanks to Sylvia Ashton and the beautiful fabrics she left behind.


Tate Creations


Stuart Haxton

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